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A Modest Objection:
Is it so important to be a good public speaker?



阿部公彦(まさひこ) 1966年 生まれ。横浜出身。


著書は『英詩のわかり方』、『幼さという戦略』、『名作をいじる』、『史上最悪の英語政策』など啓蒙書と、専門書は『文学を〈凝視する〉』(サントリー学芸賞受賞)、『善意と悪意の英文学史』など。マラマッド『魔法の樽 他十二編』(岩波文庫)等の翻訳も。


Masahiko ABE(1966-) is a professor in English at the University of Tokyo. 

He obtained his BA and MA there and PhD at Cambridge University.

His primary research area is modern poetry, but his criticism covers many other genres.

Publications include Modernity and the Strategy of Boredom(2001), Improvisation and Literature(2004), An Introduction to Poetry in English(2007), On Slow Motion(2009), How English Works(2010), Understanding Japanese Fiction(2012), Staring and Literature(2012), Discovering Poetry(2014), Politeness and English Literature (2015), Talking Like Children Helps: Strategy of Infantilism in Japanese Literature (2015), Playing with the Canon (2017), and English Education in Chaos (2017).

Currently, working on issues such as “politeness,” “stomach problems,” "Preparation"...etc. He is also a translator of Frank O'Con
nor's short stories and Bernard Malamud's The Magic Barrel.

He won Waseda Literary Award for “Going to the Wilderness” in 1998 and Suntory Prize for Social Siences and Humanities for Staring and Literature in 2013.
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